The Cutting-Edge US Manufacturer Of Military-Grade, Sustainable, Mobile Power Storage Solutions.

Ravensafe, LLC is a pioneering force in the realm of mobile power storage technology. As an innovative manufacturer of American-made portable solar power storage systems, we specialize in crafting robust, cutting-edge solutions.

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Our Commitment

Our commitment extends to aligning our product design and engineering processes with the distinctive requirements of the federal marketplace, integrating federal specifications like MIL-SPEC and external standards such as ASTM. Moreover, our strict adherence to federal procurement regulations, encompassing the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS), and agency-specific supplements such as The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Acquisition Regulation, underscores our dedication to excellence and compliance.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our award-winning proprietary technology delivers mobile, military-grade wireless power storage solutions meticulously designed to meet the most demanding applications, spanning emergency scenarios, military deployments, humanitarian missions, and more. Our products excel in user-friendliness, rapid deployment within minutes, and sustained power provision over extended periods.

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